Scar Clinic has been founded by Jiangsu Zilimei Medical Devices Co., Ltd. and Korea Hanshishengke (shelf) Club, the general agent of Scar Clinic in China.
Effectively repair various causes of hyperplasia, depression, pigment scars and keloids, and scientific management and repair of red blood, stretch marks, acne, acne marks, acne pits, pigmentation and other skin problems.
Bringing together advanced skin management products and therapies from China, Korea, Europe and the United States, integrating pharmacology, physics, surgery, instruments, psychology, diet and other comprehensive treatments, tailoring the most effective ecological restoration programs for different stages of scar symptoms and skin problems, including Early preventive care and later repairs. Continuously integrate industry resources, innovate beyond, and create the peak of science and technology.
Through physical, pharmacological, instrumental, surgical, psychological, therapeutic activation, the body's own immunity and regeneration system are promoted, and the ecological therapy of re-linking the collagen at the edge of the scar tissue is utilized to decompose scar fibroblasts and pigments. Tailored to the most effective and cost-effective personalized treatment for different scar symptoms, to minimize the formation of scars, to reduce the repair of scars, and even the regeneration of hair follicles, immediately after healing in the repair of the Kelly scar repair mechanism! Do not rebound and relapse, Safe and effective.
4-stage ecological therapy for scar repair:
1. Anti-convulsive period: promote wound healing, provide necessary repair of nutrients, reduce skin tension, relieve itching, and inhibit scar formation;
2. Activation period: activate skin immunity and regeneration system through instruments, physics, pharmacology, psychology and diet;
3, repair period: the hyperplasia scar decomposes scar tissue fiber cells, depressed scar promotes collagen tissue regeneration, pigment scar decomposes epidermal pigment, re-links collagen and self-repair scar through normal skin of scar edge;
4, consolidation period: after the completion of the repair, according to the scar site, the formation of reasons to assist the physical, pharmacological, therapeutic treatment of the repair site to reduce the prevention of scar rebound recurrence!
We are not profit-seeking, we are considering the problem from the standpoint of the customer, not misleading, not boastful of the effect, the first "free experience, effective payment" photo as evidence, contracted treatment business model, uphold the concept of safe, fast, good, provincial, ecological treatment, provide Safe and effective ecological restoration program.
The company's core values: "respect for sincerity, benevolent relief, seeking truth from facts, focus on professionalism, self-confidence, mutual benefit, and excellence." For poor patients with severe burns, disfigurement, and physiological functions, provide free repair programs and product assistance to promote social harmony and enhance brand value.
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