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How long does it take to stick a scar?

Guide: Many people with scars on their heads or faces will encounter strange gaze in their lives. This kind of gaze will cause great psychological problems for them. In order to restore smooth skin, some patients will use a scar to effectively rub. So, how long does the scar sticker need to be posted every day? The Kantler Pharmacy focuses on prescription drugs, and the Kantler licensed pharmacist answers you: It is generally believed that the formation of scars is caused by the bodys inflammatory response, the imbalance of collagen synthesis and degradation, the appearance of abnormal mucopol

How to repair the scar?

The concave scar is relatively easy to repair. If it is a very obvious depression around the entire scar, it is recommended to use skin abrasion to polish it. After smoothing, it is combined with some growth factor gel for external use. It can promote the repair of scars in the depression, and the other can help the scar to heal and prevent more obvious traces, but the possibility of completely repairing it to a point is still relatively low.

Precautions for scar surgery

1. The wound dressing is wrapped for 2-3 days, the incision is kept dry, and the medicine can be changed to the hospital if necessary. 2, according to the doctors advice to remove the line, do not in advance to avoid the split crack, after the line can be cleaned 2 days. 3, postoperative wounds to avoid sunlight to avoid pigmentation. 4, scars at the joints reduce joint activity to avoid scar hyperplasia. 5, oral antibiotics can be used for 3 days after surgery. 6, do not eat ginseng, velvet and other tonics after surgery, eat more high-protein foods, do not smoke and drink, rest, less vigorou

What is the method of scar after surgery?

How can the scar after surgery be removed? A: What about scars? Lets take a look at the related introduction. For how to remove scars left after surgery? We need to analyze the types according to different types: Normal: easier to solve, many do not need to think that improvement can be with time... How to remove scars after surgery A: The scars after surgery can not be removed, this may be because the method used is not correct, or the method itself is controversial, then how to remove the scar after surgery, you may wish to try lemon juice, honey, baking soda, aloe, etc. These methods can ma

Need a stretch sleeve after burn?

Need a stretch sleeve after burn? Doctor reply area Liu Min Jinzhou Central Hospital Deputy Chief Physician Good at: Good at combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine for treating sexually transmitted diseases, chronic dermatitis and eczema, psoriasis, severe Hello, the elastic sleeve should be used continuously for 24 hours, cleaned every day, take several hours a day, and then slowly extend the time. If you have a stretch sleeve, you should stay at least for more than half a year. Niu Yousheng Nanyang First Peoples Hospital Attending physician Good at: craniocerebral injury, brain t

How to perform caesarean section scar care?

The following items should be noted during the caesarean section scar care: 1. Pay attention to the maintenance of scars in the scars, wipe off the sweat stains in time, pay attention not to use hot water bubbles and hand grasps, and not to rub with clothes. When the wounds just heal, there will be some secretions, which is the most prone to breeding bacteria, and this When the surface of the wound is very thin, it is easy to cause infection and ulceration. During this time, it can be cleaned with a neutral detergent and then treated with some anti-scarring drugs. 2, apply some topical drugs s

What are the treatments for scar diet?

Potato remedies: Cut the potatoes into thin slices and place them directly on the skin with sputum. Remove them after 15 minutes. Usually used to cure excessive acne problems, remove dead cells, and eliminate facial edema. Suitable for oily youth. Acne skin There is another kind: Material: 1 green onion or a few shallots (as long as the white onion), one egg white, one spoonful of flour or flour, a little water. Practice: 1 Cut the scallion and chop it into pieces, add an egg and fully ridicule it. 2 Pour out the prepared liquid, add the hazelnut powder or flour and mix well. How to use: Put t

How long does Scar Clinic have to use ultra-thin scar sticke

This depends on the age of the scar and the degree of injury. The official recommendation is to use two courses in succession to achieve the desired results. The skin regeneration cycle is 28 days. Under normal circumstances, it will have obvious effects after 1-3 months. The scar should be improved within 2-3 months. The daily use time is proportional to the effect. Every 3 months for a course of treatment, people with scars may need to last 6 months to 1 year or even longer until the scar is stable and achieve satisfactory results. Too early to stop before the scar is stabilized may lead to

Can the scar be completely removed?

Scar is a major medical problem in the world. Scar repair requires a long process. It is unrealistic to completely repair the already scar with modern medical technology. Even the most expensive dilator skin grafting is the most expensive. Cant do it either; 30 days after healing is the best time to prevent, early prevention can minimize the formation of scars, immediately after the wound is healed, use Scar Clinic to repair the effect of up to 95%, as long as it is uneven or pigmented Scars are still effective even after 30 years. All sputum therapies are to improve the desalination of scars,

Will it not proliferate when you use the Kelly scar?

If you use the Kelly scar sticker immediately after your wound has healed, and you can use the Kelly scar sticker for at least 20 hours a day, the scar will not obviously proliferate or sag, but often the active site, joints, larger area or more severe scars. Please cooperate with the stand-up medical elastic sleeve, otherwise it will be difficult to use for a long time! At least one or two courses of treatment must be adhered to until the scar matures. The hyperproliferative phase of the scar is between January and June after healing. Too early withdrawal may lead to scar hyperplasia.

Pregnant women, can children use?

Han Shisheng Ke Kelini ultra-thin scar paste pure physical principle, without any medicinal properties, simulate some functions of the skin, create the best humidity and oxygen environment suitable for skin self-repair, safe and effective, even if pregnant women and babies can be safely used, need to pay attention Dont let the baby swallow it.

What is the repair principle of Scar Clinic?

Pure physical principle, no stimulation, no medicinal properties, even pregnant women, babies can be safely used. 1) Scar Clinic?-Thin ultra-thin scars make the entire scar completely covered. The water vapor permeability of the semi-infiltrated skin is less than half of that of normal skin, which limits the evaporation of water and simulates some functions of the normal skin stratum corneum. Create and adjust an optimal humidity and oxygen environment suitable for skin self-repair, prevent bacterial invasion and infection, shield UV rays, effectively inhibit and alleviate pigmentation, and ma

Is the quality of the Scar Clinic in South Korea safe and se

1. Han Shisheng Branch ScarClinic has been awarded the US FDA, Korea KFDA, China CFDA, European and American CE quality and safety certification, and strictly controls the products through the excellent international ISO13485 quality management system, which is safe and effective. The first patented artificial skin technology is applied to scar-stick products, using permanent implant-grade medical silica gel, purely physical principle, without any medicine, no stimulation, ultra-thin skin color, waterproof, anti-UV ultraviolet. 2 Korea Hanshishengke (Co., Ltd.) is a Korean company specializing
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