How long can I wear a corset after childbirth?

 News     |      2019-04-01 10:41
Many postpartum women are worried about postpartum recovery after they have finished their children. How long can they wear corsets after childbirth?
1. How long can you wear a corset after delivery?
From a health point of view, you can wear a corset after a month of delivery, preferably after the body has returned. Because the corset has a certain pressure on the body, it can tighten the fat and loose meat. When the child is born, the body is still weak, and the natural recovery of the function will make the internal health of the body healthier.

2, how long after the delivery can wear a corset - caesarean section
After six months of caesarean section, the best time to recover, you can wear a corset. Because the wounds in the caesarean section are healed, the energy consumed and the endocrine effect will leave the body in a state of high metabolism.
After the caesarean section wounds healed, wearing a corset will have an effect to help the viscera displaced during pregnancy, and also help the dew to accelerate the discharge.
3, pre-wearing corsets precautions
At the same time, wear a corset and pay attention to ventilation, prevent excessive heat, excessive sweat, and cause inflammation of the wound. Note that the corset must be washed and kept dry.
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