It is easy to burn children in cold weather.

 Burn scar     |      2018-09-17 15:59
The cold current strikes and the temperature drops suddenly. In order to avoid the cold winter, many parents not only reduce the frequency of carrying children, but also all kinds of warm items such as hot drinks, electric blankets and heaters, and they are afraid that the delicate baby will catch cold. However, dermatologists have warned that the above-mentioned "frozen magic weapon" is misused and may cause a potential crisis of burns. In addition, parents should also pay attention to children's home collisions, cuts and other accidents, especially the young children's skin delicate and delicate, if the trauma wound treatment, improper care, not only will increase the risk of infection, it is easier to stay, affect the appearance and children's self-confidence, Don't be careless.
According to the doctor's statistics, the proportion of young children who have been treated for trauma and burns in winter is about 20% higher than usual, and most of them are mostly on the face and limbs. But why does the chance of trauma and burns in children increase dramatically in the winter?
Explain that it may be cold with winter temperatures, children's chances of going out, long time at home, easy access to high-temperature tea, high-temperature warmth items, and accidental collision with home items. Due to the increased use of opportunities, if parents do not pay attention to it and do a good job of protection, it is quite easy to be negligent, even if the child has a trauma or burn accident.
Burning burns are divided into three levels.
If a child is accidentally burnt or injured, how can the parents deal with it in the first place to reduce the harm? The doctor said that if it is burnt, it is necessary to take different treatment procedures depending on the symptoms and degree. In general, burns can be divided into 3 grades. If there are symptoms such as redness and heat pain in the affected area, it is a grade 1 burn. In the first time, apply ice, apply anti-inflammatory ointment, and keep the affected area clean. It can alleviate discomfort. This type of burnt wound is not easy to leave scars as long as it is properly taken care of.
If the affected part is accompanied by red bumps and heat pain, it is accompanied by raised blisters, which are classified as burns of grades 2 and 3. In order to avoid dirt, bacteria adhering to the wound, causing bacterial infection, resulting in wound inflammation, purulent ulceration, it is recommended not to puncture the blisters. It should be more appropriate to seek professional physicians to assist in the treatment, which not only reduces the chance of inflammatory infection, but also reduces the possibility of staying.
Collision trauma does not need to be sent to the hospital? Depth and scope are considered
As for the trauma and cut caused by the collision, in the wound treatment procedure, it is necessary to consider the wound site, extent and depth as medical treatment considerations. If there is no bleeding and the wound area is not large, just use